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LENOVO NB NanoSaver Combination Cable Lock from Lenovo

LENOVO NB NanoSaver Combination Cable Lock from Lenovo


Product Description

The NanoSaver Combination Cable Lock from Lenovo allows customers to manage physical security access within the enterprise, offices, schools, libraries, or in other public spaces. Cable locks help reduce theft, and increase physical asset security protection for Laptops, docking stations, desktops and flat panel monitors. The push button design offers one-hand operation for easy installation while the Kensington NanoSaver Cleat secures the lock into your device. Superior strength lockhead to resist tampering. Push button design for one hand operation to easily install lock.

Top Features

  • Push-button design for one-hand operation
  • Tamper resistant lockhead
  • Keyless 4-wheel combination, provides 10,000 possible combinations
  • Lock comes with a preset combination, easily resettable
  • 1.8m (5.9-ft) length, 5mm diameter cable

Tech Specs

JAN 4571591411088
EAN 0195892024828
UPC 195892024828
Warranty Period 3 Years
Minimum Relative Humidity (%) 5%
Maximum Relative Humidity (%) 90%
Minimum Operating Temperature -5C/23F
Maximum Operating Temperature 40C/104F
Package Type Plastic Bag
Packed Weight 0.25kg
Packed Dimensions (L x D x H) 0.25m*0.17m*0.03m
Shipment Group Cable Lock
Product Weight 0.20kg
Color Black
Hardware Requirements NanoSaver Lock Slot
Cable Diameter 5mm
Length 1.8m
Connectivity Cleat/NanoSaver Lock Slot
Lock Mechanism Cleat
Supported OS OS Independent
Brand Lenovo


Operating System

OS Independent

Compatible Machines

Description ID Footnote
EM-Chromebook(100s Chromebook)-Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen MTK 2 82Q3  ;
Lenovo 100e Series-100e AMD G3 82J7  ;
82J8  ;
Lenovo 100e Series-100e G3 82UY  ;
82V0  ;
Lenovo 100e Series-100e G4 82W0  ;
82W1  ;
Lenovo 13w Series-13w Yoga 82S1  ;
82S2  ;
Lenovo 14e Series-14e Chrome G2 82M1  ;
82M2  ;
Lenovo 500e Series-500e G4 82W4  ;
82W5  ;
Lenovo K14 Series-K14 G1 21CS  ;
21CT  ;
Lenovo K14 Series-K14 G2 21G0  ;
21G1  ;
P14s G3-21AL MT 2022 21AL  ;
P16s AMD G1-21CK - P16s AMD Gen 1 21CK  ;
T14 G3-21AJ - T14 Gen 3 21AJ  ;
T16 AMD G1-21CJ - T16 AMD Gen 1 21CJ  ;
ThinkBook Pro series-family not use 21J8  ;
ThinkBook Series (Perfomance)-ThinkBook 14p G2 ACH 20YN  ;
ThinkBook Series (Perfomance)-ThinkBook 14p G3 ARH 21EJ  ;
ThinkBook Series (Perfomance)-ThinkBook 16p G2 ACH 20YM  ;
ThinkBook Series (Perfomance)-ThinkBook 16p G3 ARH 21EK  ;
ThinkBook Series (Perfomance)-ThinkBook 16p NX ARH 21EV  ;
ThinkBook Series (Perfomance)-family not used 21EU  ;
ThinkBook Slim Series-ThinkBook 13s 2nd Generation-ITL 20V9  ;
ThinkBook Slim Series-ThinkBook 13s G2 ARE 20WC  ;
ThinkBook Slim Series-ThinkBook 13s G3 ACN 20YA  ;
ThinkBook Slim Series-ThinkBook 13s G4 ARB 21AS  ;
ThinkBook Slim Series-ThinkBook 13s G4 IAP 21AR  ;
ThinkBook Slim Series-ThinkBook 14s 2nd Generation-ITL 20VA  ;
ThinkBook Yoga Series-Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Yoga ITL 20WE  ;
ThinkBook Yoga Series-ThinkBook 14s Yoga G2 IAP 21DM  ;
ThinkBook Yoga Series-ThinkBook 14s Yoga G3 IRU 21JG  ;
ThinkCentre M Traditional Desktop Series-NEC Canopus-IR-LV 12H5  ;
ThinkPad C14 Series-C14 G1 Chromebook 21C9  ;
21CA  ;
ThinkPad E14 Series-E14 AMD G5 21JR  ;
21JS  ;
ThinkPad E14 Series-E14 G5 21JK  ;
21JL  ;
ThinkPad E16 series-E16 AMD G1 21JT  ;
21JU  ;
ThinkPad E16 series-E16 G1 21JN  ;
21JQ  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Clam AMD G3 21B9  ;
21BA  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Clam AMD G4 21FN  ;
21FQ  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Clam G3 21B3  ;
21B4  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Clam G4 21FG  ;
21FH  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Yoga AMD G3 21BB  ;
21BC  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Yoga AMD G4 21FR  ;
21FS  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Yoga G3 21B5  ;
21B6  ;
ThinkPad L13 Series-L13 Yoga G4 21FJ  ;
21FK  ;
ThinkPad L14 Series-L14 AMD G3 21C5  ;
21C6  ;
ThinkPad L14 Series-L14 AMD G4 21H5  ;
21H6  ;
ThinkPad L14 Series-L14 G3 21C1  ;
21C2  ;
ThinkPad L14 Series-L14 G4 21H1  ;
21H2  ;
ThinkPad L15 Series-L15 AMD G3 21C7  ;
21C8  ;
ThinkPad L15 Series-L15 AMD G4 21H7  ;
21H8  ;
ThinkPad L15 Series-L15 G3 21C3  ;
21C4  ;
ThinkPad L15 Series-L15 G4 21H3  ;
21H4  ;
ThinkPad P1 Series-P1 G4 20Y3  ;
20Y4  ;
ThinkPad P1 Series-P1 G5 21DC  ;
21DD  ;
ThinkPad P1 Series-P1 G6 21FV  ;
21FW  ;
ThinkPad P14 Series-P14s AMD G3 21J5  ;
21J6  ;
ThinkPad P14 Series-P14s AMD G4 21K5  ;
21K6  ;
ThinkPad P14 Series-P14s G3 21AK  ;
ThinkPad P14 Series-P14s G4 21HF  ;
21HG  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16 G1 21D6  ;
21D7  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16 G2 21FA  ;
21FB  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16s AMD G1 21CL  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16s AMD G2 21K9  ;
21KA  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16s G1 21BT  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16s G2 21HK  ;
21HL  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16v AMD G1 21FE  ;
21FF  ;
ThinkPad P16 Series-P16v G1 21FC  ;
21FD  ;
ThinkPad T Series-null 21BU  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14 AMD G3 21CF  ;
21CG  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14 AMD G4 21K3  ;
21K4  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14 G3 21AH  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14 G4 21HD  ;
21HE  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14s 2nd Generation 20WM  ;
20WN  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14s AMD G2 20XF  ;
20XG  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14s AMD G3 21CQ  ;
21CR  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14s AMD G4 21F8  ;
21F9  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14s G3 21BR  ;
21BS  ;
ThinkPad T14 Series-T14s G4 21F6  ;
21F7  ;
ThinkPad T16 Series-T16 AMD G1 21CH  ;
ThinkPad T16 Series-T16 AMD G2 21K7  ;
21K8  ;
ThinkPad T16 Series-T16 G1 21BV  ;
21BW  ;
ThinkPad T16 Series-T16 G2 21HH  ;
21HJ  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 2-in-1 G9 21KE  ;
21KF  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Carbon 9th Generation 20XW  ;
20XX  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Carbon G10 21CB  ;
21CC  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Carbon G11 21HM  ;
21HN  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Carbon G12 21KC  ;
21KD  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Extreme G4 20Y5  ;
20Y6  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Extreme G5 21DE  ;
21DF  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Titanium G1 20QA  ;
20QB  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Yoga 6th Generation 20XY  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Yoga G7 21CD  ;
21CE  ;
ThinkPad X1 series-X1 Yoga G8 21HQ  ;
21HR  ;
ThinkPad X12 Series-X12 Detachable 1st Generation 20UV  ;
20UW  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 AMD G2 20XH  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 AMD G3 21CM  ;
21CN  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 AMD G4 21J3  ;
21J4  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 G2 20WK  ;
20WL  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 G3 21BN  ;
21BQ  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 G4 21EX  ;
21EY  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 Yoga 2nd Generation 20W8  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 Yoga G3 21AW  ;
21AX  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13 Yoga G4 21F2  ;
21F3  ;
ThinkPad X13 series-X13s G1 21BX  ;
21BY  ;
ThinkPad Z16 Series-Z16 AMD G1 21D4  ;
21D5  ;
ThinkPad Z16 Series-Z16 AMD G2 21JX  ;
21JY  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 2nd Generation-ARE 20VF  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 2nd Generation-ITL 20VD  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 3rd Generation - ACL 21A2  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G3 ITL 21A3  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G4 ABA 21DK  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G4 IAP 21DH  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G4+ ARA 21D0  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G4+ IAP 21CX  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G5 ABP 21JE  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G5 IRL 21JC  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G6 ABP 21KJ  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 14 G6 IRL 21KG  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 2nd Generation-ARE 20VG  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 2nd Generation-ITL 20VE  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 3rd Generation - ACL 21A4  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 G3 ITL 21A5  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 G4 ABA 21DL  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 G4 IAP 21DJ  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 G5 ABP 21JF  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 15 G5 IRL 21JD  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 16 G4+ ARA 21D1  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 16 G4+ IAP 21CY  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 16 G6 ABP 21KK  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 16 G6 IRL 21KH  ;
Thinkbook Series-ThinkBook 16 G6 IRL Brazil 21NR  ;
V Series-Lenovo S14 G3 IAP 82TW  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G2 ALC 82KC  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G2 IJL 82QX  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G2 ITL(Brazil) 82NM  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G3 IAP 82TS  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G3 IAP(Brazil) 82UL  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G4 AMN 82YT  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G4 AMN(Brazil) 83GE  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G4 IRU 83A0  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14 G4 IRU(Brazil) 83GK  ;
V Series-Lenovo V14-ITL 82KA  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G2 ALC 82KD  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G2 IJL 82QY  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G2 ITL(Brazil) 82ME  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G3 IAP 82TT  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G3 IAP(Brazil) 82UM  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G4 AMN 82YU  ;
83CQ  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G4 IAH(Brazil) 83GL  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15 G4 IRU 83A1  ;
83CC  ;
V Series-Lenovo V15-ITL 82KB  ;
X1 Yoga 6th Generation-20Y0 - X1 Yoga Gen 6 20Y0  ;
X13 AMD G2-20XJ - X13 AMD Gen 2 20XJ  ;
X13 Yoga 2nd Generation-20W9 MT 2021 20W9

GLS házhoszállítás 1650 Ft
(60.000 Ft felett ingyenes)
GLS csomagpontra szállítás 1150 Ft
(20.000 Ft felett ingyenes)

  • Cikkszám
    190 g/db