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MEDIA-TECH USB Mikroszkóp 500x

MEDIA-TECH USB Mikroszkóp 500x

The MT4096 Universal Digital Microscope is a great tool. It could be used for various types of presentations, workshops, classes etc.
USB interface allows you to connect microscope to the computer, the enlarged preview will appear on your monitor.

For a better visual effect, the microscope is equipped with 8 adjustable bright LEDs on the cable.
There are different varieties of a zoom from x50 to x500 magnification ratio, which you can adjust to your needs.
Our microscope takes pictures at 6324x4742ppi resolution (interpolated). High quality sensor makes the image very clear.

Attached computer software allows you to take pictures and record videos.
Because of its small size, you can put the microscope into a bag and bring it with you, wherever you want.

MT4096 MICROSCOPE usage:
• all kind of works requiring precision, eg. jeweler or watchmaker,
• handwriting analysis,
• detecting various types of forgeries (banknotes and documents);
• valuation of arts and antiques in auction houses,
• various kind of collectibles (eg. numismatics, philately)
• live presentations,
• lessons at school,
• workshops,
• and many more...

• Microscope USB PC
• Adjustable 50-500x magni_cation
• CMOS sensor
• Up to 30 Mpix (6324x4742ppi) snapshot feature after interpolation
• Optical resolution: 300Kpix
• 8 bright white LEDs
• Light adjustment
• High quality metal stand
• Video capture: up to 25fps @ 640x480ppi
• USB 2.0 interface
• Windows VISTA/7/8 32 &; 64 bit compatible
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